As of June 2021, Rollingtrans currently has two software. Rollingtrans being the first-generation program, and RT ELD PLUS being the second-generation.


Due to the accelerated expansions of server capacity and high volume of customer orders, the first-generation Rollingtrans’ Bluetooth connection was taking too long. Under careful consideration of long-term development goals and client convenience, RT ELD PLUS was made to be the upgraded version of Rollingtrans and significantly improves the problem of Bluetooth connectivity issues and unstable connections.


As long as there is a Bluetooth connection, the engine hour data can be accessed.


Try to reset the app, because the light and the data are two different entities.

First, install the “RT ELD PLUS” App on the mobile phone/tablet. After the download is complete, log in to the software with the credentials provided by the company. After logging into the software, make sure that the Bluetooth and GPS on the phone/tablet are both turned on. This way when you go to connect your ELD, the phone/tablet can quickly detect the Bluetooth signal and connect to it.

Then, connect the large end of the wire to the port of the vehicle and connect the smaller end to the ELD. When the vehicle is turned on, the ELD will show “two red lights and two flashing green lights.” Within a minute, the phone/tablet will be connected to the device and the upper right corner of the software will turn green, indicating that it has been connected.


No, it is not necessary to have an internet connection for the App to function. However, it is necessary to have an internet connection when trying to upload a log.

No, most of the functions in the Rollingtrans App can be used offline. However, uploading data and accessing shared logs can only be done while connected to Wi-Fi or a hotspot. In addition, backup data can be shared to Rollingtrans’ server by connecting to the Internet. We recommend that users who use a tablet also invest in a data plan.

Yes. For team driving, both drivers need to have an individual Rollingtrans electronic log application account, but they only need one Rollingtrans ELD. Travel time is allocated to the specific driver who connects his/her Rollingtrans electronic log application account to the ELD. When the driver finishes driver, he/she will disconnect from the ELD, allowing the next driver to log into his/her account.

When two drivers depart together and use the same device to operate the ELD software, the drivers can choose “Co-driver login.”

On the login page, the two drivers use their own login credentials to log into “Co-driver login.” (After logging in, you will need to log out of your current identity to allow the second driver to enter his/her credentials)

After both parties have logged in using “Co-driving login,” on the HOS page, click “Current User,” select the account on the list, and switch to the current login account again.