As of June 2021, Rollingtrans has 2 ELD devices, RTOA47 being the first-generation device and RTPS47 being the second-generation device.

If you have the first-generation device, it can be paired with the first-generation software “Rollingtrans” on either IOS or Android. However, if you are running, or want to run, the second-generation “RT ELD PLUS” software on IOS, you will need to use the second-generation device. Android supports pairing between the second-generation software and first-generation device. 


No, because each company has their own back-end system, the device cannot be used by multiple companies at the same time.

If the ELD is being managed or operated under the same company, the ELD device can be installed in any vehicle. However, it cannot be used by a different company.


Unfortunately, most large ELD companies on the market do not accept refunds during contracts and the Rollingtrans is no different. If you are not sure whether or not the device will be used for more than a year, Rollingtrans recommends adopting the monthly payment service plan.

Once the contract is signed, the customer can no longer receive a full refund. All contracts are signed with legal benefits in mind so once they are signed, the engineer immediately sets up an account and sends the device. Therefore, sudden terminations are not acceptable.