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SAVE MONEY with our ELD System

Saving per driver per year:


Filing RODs $487

Submitting RODs: $56

Clerk Filing RODs $120

Elimination of Paper Log Books: $42

These add up to a total of $705 in annual savings, and that’s merely an estimate. The FMCSA came up with that final number based on several factors.

The first element they took in to account was the estimate of 240 filled out RODs per year, with the ELD estimated to reduce the amount of time required to log RODs by 4.5 minutes per RODs, or 19 hours per year.

Another two hours is saved each year thanks to the reduced amount of time needed for drivers to forward RODs to carriers, which typically takes five minutes per RODs and occurs 25 times every year.

ELD manufacturers have reported that these devices have helped save around 15 minutes of drive time per day, with more accurate recording of on-time duty.

Saving Per Year with Our Fleet Management System


Overtime Cost: 2,000 per driver

Fuel Cost: $480 per truck

IFTA Reporting: $80 per truck

Other document preparations: $730

Human Resource Task: $1,000

Elimination of Errors: up to 10k

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