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RollingTrans APP FAQ

Questions about using RollingTrans APP on smart device

What’s “Origin” in the log? How do I use “Auto”, “Manual” and “Edit” in compliance with FMCSA regulations?
  • “Auto” means that the ELD obtains and records the information automatically without allowing any external input or interference from a motor carrier, driver or any other person. According to DOT and FMCSA regulations, motor carriers must retain these records and are not allowed to modify or delete them.
  • “Manual” means a driver enters data or change status on an ELD log manually.
  • “Edit” means a change to an ELD record that does not overwrite the original record.
  • The carrier and a driver can use these built-in functions depending on the particular circumstances.
Does the ELD needs to automatically switch to driving mode (DR) and create an auto event?

According to DOT regulations, it is not mandatory to have ELD automatically switch to driving mode (DR). A driver can manually switch the ELD to driving mode (DR). However, under off duty mode (OFF), sleep birth mode (SB) and on duty mode (ON), the ELD will automatically switch to driving (DR) mode in one minute once the vehicle is moving.


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