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Rollingtrans Fleet Management

Whether you have a fleet of 1 or 1,000, you will have everything you need right at your fingertips.

Saving Time

The RollingTrans ELD plugs into a vehicle’s diagnostic port. The RollingTrans E-Logbook then connects to the ELD via Bluetooth technology and records driving time. The driver can view and edit their logs quickly and with more efficiency than with paper logs.
  • Latest technology to be compliant with FMSCA by deadline of Dec 2017
  • Easy to install in all vehicles with Engine Control Module (ECM)
  • Accurately records the mileage and reduces human error

What our ELD can do

The RollingTrans ELD calculates the distance your vehicles travel in each state. The ELD unit plugs into the engine control module inside the vehicle’s cab. The ELD communicates (using Bluetooth) with the RollingTrans App installed on the driver’s smartphone or tablet. 
  • Automatically calculate distance driven across multiple states for each vehicle
  • Save time and cost when your prepare IFTA reports
  • Eliminate the manual entry error on mileage report

We can help you

A driver must prepare a DVIR at the completion of each day’s work and shall submit those reports to the motor carrier upon his/her return to the home terminal. With RollingTrans E-DVIR, we can help you
  • Complete DVIR electronically
  • Efficiently prepare Pre-Trip activities
  • Store the report electronically to reduce the time during audit
  • Easy access for review and submission to DOT

Easily Create Documents

Document management can be a hassle. Not with RollingTrans. We will help you run your business more efficiently, allowing you more time to handle other business operations. With RollingTrans’ system, you will be able to submit your IFTA report, provide documentation for insurance renewals, and complete other reports to be compliant with DOT.  Our tools help you and your drivers to:
  • Be in full compliance with driver’s hours of service rule
  • Access the report anytime you need
  • Capture documents when they are in the field

Keep your vehicles safe in the field

One of the key tasks for your fleet is to keep all of your vehicles safe in the field. RollingTrans will make sure that you and your drivers are notified if there are issues with any of your vehicles. This creates peace of mind for both drivers and fleet managers.
  • Meet all applicable regulations for the FMCSA record keeping requirement
  • Get real-time alerts when issues are detected
  • Managers can complete repair logs in a timely manner

GPS Tracking technology

RollingTrans employs GPS Tracking technology in our application. As fleet managers, we want to understand where our fleets are and deliver the message to our driver when needed. It also can share the current status for your clients.
  • Reduce business operating expenses
  • Detect and eliminate waste and fraudulent activities
  • Improve drivers and workers performance and compliance

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